Teaching in LA next year!!!

Hey Everyone!

I have been accepted to Teach for America! I will be writing and sharing my experiences with you all as I learn new and exciting things in the world of teaching!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Here!

Hey everyone!

Wow, it's been such an overwhelming week! I was at Amber and Derek's wedding which was beautiful. She was born to be a bride she looked gorgeous. After the wedding I boarded the airplane for 14 hrs. and then came here to TFA. It is sooooo OVERWHELMING. I feel really excited to learn about teaching and how to become a more effective teacher, and also to join in this incredible community.

Well, so far I know that this summer I will be teaching at a Middle School Charter school in Los Angeles. My schedule goes from 5:30 AM until about 10:00 PM at night. Along with that I have about a 600-700 page manual that I have to read and conduct lesson plans with. Wow, this summer will be fast, hard, and really challenging but I am excited to get started.

I will post more next week when my first week of teaching actually starts!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hey everyone!

So, I passed 2 of the 3 tests I needed to pass. My third test I received a 119/120. So, TFA is now reviewing my file and deciding if I continue through this year or if I have to defer a year and start next summer. I will keep everyone updated as the process continues.

I know that God has a beautiful plan through this all, and He will be faithful to deliver His plan for me this next year. He is a sovereign God who has our best intentions. Thank you for all your prayers and support this far, and I would appreciate them throughout this month as I wait to see what Teach for America decision is for me!