Teaching in LA next year!!!

Hey Everyone!

I have been accepted to Teach for America! I will be writing and sharing my experiences with you all as I learn new and exciting things in the world of teaching!

Bible Reading

Ok, so I was on my friend Sierra's blog the other day reading her many marveling quotes, and found one that I loved:

"I'm learning an interesting concept, though. In reality, anyone can be pretty. Before and after photos aren't hard to achieve. On the other hand, I'm convinced that there are only a few truly beautiful women in the world. I want to be one of those. Sure they care about their appearance, but they're more concerned with living an amazing life. They naturally make people feel at ease. They have the kind of personality that draws people in, that isn't rude. They can be confident without being cocky. They're cool with doing their own thing - whether it's marching in the band, collecting rocks from cool places, going to concerts, working on their three-pointers or treating every customer on the other side of the counter like he or she is important. They know how to dress and that modesty and chic can indeed go hand in hand. They're not obsessed with their jean size.

They're all about denying themselves and serving other people, whether they're playing with kids in a tribe along the Amazon River or going out of their way at church to talk to someone new. They dig into God's Word. They don't just tote their Bible around for fun; they use it. They memorize it. They go to it for answers.

Ultimately, beautiful girls know how loved they are by God and that gives them the kind of joy and security that shows. Beautiful girls rise above the fake, plastic kind of pretty our world is obsessed with, and they choose something far more wonderful and mysterious: a heart like Jesus'.

Pretty girls come and go. Beautiful girls leave a legacy. God calls us beautiful. Let's believe what He says."

This quote captivates my heart, and makes me want to be a beautiful woman for Him.
Recent events have been tough to say the least. When things first happen I have learned I try to lean on my own understanding, and think I have the right answers, I just need to dig deep into my brain and figure it out. Well, God broke me last night as I sat and realized I am nothing without the love and holiness of Christ. He knew before time the events that would happen in my life. He has a perfect and Holy plan for each and every one of them, good or bad. I was reading the Psalms last night and stumbled across all of Davids. I resonate with David a lot, because I have periods where I am praising God with my tongue, and thanking Him for the blessings bestowed upon me in my life, and then I find myself broken at times when I sit and weep, and find myself quoting David, "Listen to my prayer, O God do not ignore my plea; hear me and answer me. My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught at the voice of the enemy, at the stares of the wicked; for they bring me down suffering upon me and revile me in anger." (Psalm 55) We have to remember through the anguish, tears, burdens, and hard times that God's plan is made perfect, and we are made perfect through his son Jesus Christ.
One of my other favorite activities is quiet time with God. When I read my bible and journal about my thoughts I often want to share them with people, and see what they think. So, I thought I would add a page to my blog dedicated to my scripture readings! I hope you get something out of it!