Teaching in LA next year!!!

Hey Everyone!

I have been accepted to Teach for America! I will be writing and sharing my experiences with you all as I learn new and exciting things in the world of teaching!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maintain High Expectations

I have been drowning in readings and video clips of effective teaching strategies. I stumbled upon a book about classroom management which has been useful, and quite insightful. The first chapter is titled, "Maintain high expectations for student's behavior and for one's own ability to assert authority in the classroom." This concept has been amazing to learn about. Each teacher has an objective daily for the classroom that goes along with the state standard, and the lesson for which the teacher has prepared. With this objective, each student has specific expectations they set for themselves as each standard is presented. The teacher meets with each student at the beginning of a new unit and goes over individual goals each student writes and strives to achieve individually. Then, the teacher meets with the student again at the end of the unit to assess the progress made at achieving that goal set forth. Pretty amazing, this allows each student to be held responsible for his/her learning throughout the school year. With this expectation comes and expectation for the teacher to as well set a standard for themselves. So, the teacher must post somewhere in the classroom his/her expectations as a teacher for themselves. This allows the teacher to model to the students how to strive after and achieve goals set forth! I love this model and definitely plan on using it in my own classroom!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Test Coming Up

Ok, so it has been awhile since I have posted something! I have been ubber (yes I used ubber) busy with studying for my test! I feel overwhelmed and prepared all at the same time.

Well, I have a mildly amusing incident that happened today at school... I was subbing in Mrs. Medoza's 5th grade classroom for the second time this year. The first time happened to be about 3 weeks ago. During my first time in the classroom she had me show the movie "Winn Dixie" for about an hour. The movie is about two hours, so I assumed they were going to finish the movie the next day. Well, I walked in this morning to find that the kids would be seeing the second part of the movie with me today. So, when the time came for me to a movie.. I announced, "Please put your math books away, and direct your attention to the back of the room towards the TV we are going to watch a movie for the next hour." I suddenly hear a burst of cheering.. (which I was a bit offended.. I certainly thought my teaching was more amusing, but to each their own.) So, I put the DVD in and Winn Dixie pops up... A very "loud" kid in the class raises his hand, and says... "I'm confused Mrs. Payne we watched this the last time you were here... is this your favorite movie? If you like I can bring one of my favorite movies the next time you teach us." I literally burst out laughing, because he said it so matter of fact.. It was awesome!